Reviews and Testimonies

The following comments are some of the experiences that clients had while working with us. In some instances, our clients' names were changed to respect their privacy. More reviews can be found on our Yelp page.


Anyone facing a move or a downsizing, or, as in our case, both, should use the services of Orchestrated Moves. We could perhaps have done it on our own, but we would have imperiled our health, our sanity and our relationship with each other. Orchestrated Moves brought us unscathed through what otherwise would have been a very unpleasant process.

-Ralph and Jean M.

These two women were a godsend as I struggled to come to terms with our rash decision to clean out our home in the space of three weeks. Friends and family didn't think it could be done and indeed it couldn't have been without their help! Xan and Cindy are a delight to have at your side in the inevitable moments of angst and panic that precede the arrival of the moving van.




After moving from Arizona to Maryland, the thought of moving yet again simply overwhelmed me. Then I met Cindy and Xan, and I knew I was in good hands. They helped me pack, stage the house, plan for the move to the new location, organized my garage sale and arranged to have things sold at the retail shop.

Then they came on the day of the move to help me with the last minute details, like angels, arrived at the new condo to begin unpacking boxes and setting up my kitchen. At every turn, they helped make the experience of downsizing manageable. I was able to keep my sanity and my health, and because of their incredible energy, efficiency and humor, I felt their assistance was worth every penny.

Cindy and Xan know how to keep calm in the face of what could have been chaos, and were professional, friendly and got the job done. I wouldnt think of doing another move without them!


They managed to solve issues before we knew they existed! It meant a great deal to us to have their help, their availabilty, their humor and their friendly and wise problem solving!

-Steve and Jenn



"Orchestrated Moves helped us move from a six bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment. This involved a great deal of downsizing as well as the actual move. OM recommended three moving companies  to give us bids for the move, a charity to take the unwanted furniture, a junk hauling company to take what whas left over, and another company to take away toxic wastes. 

Their advice  on all these and other matters connected with the move was invaluable!"

-The Stevenson's

"Thank you again (and again!) for all you did to make our move so successful and stress free!"

-Karl and Elaine