What is a "Professional Organizer"?

A Professional Organizer is someone who is trained and experienced in helping you reduce the clutter, “noise,” and complications in your home and/or business life. Disorganization usually results from delayed decisions. An effective Professional Organizer helps you make those, sometimes difficult, decisions with an eye to incorporating new, more positive, habits.

Will an organizer make me throw away my stuff?

Not necessarily, but we may help you come to some realizations about what is and what is not important to you. We will help you create a home for your most treasured belongings vs. what may be stored out-of-the-way until you need or want it vs.what you want to get rid of entirely - but these are YOUR decisions. Unlike many of the organization shows on TV, when you work with us, you are the "Boss" and we respect your decisions.


How long is it going to take to get organized?

The timeline for each organizing project varies from person to person. Rest assured, we will work with you at your pace in order to achieve your goals.

How does it work?

To begin with, we will have a brief phone conversation to ensure we are capable of providing the services you require. We will then schedule a free, one-hour consultation to visit the space that you want help with. We know that no two homes or offices are alike, and based on our years of experience, this personal visit will enable us to ask questions of each other and formulate a plan together in order to get your project started efficiently.

Will my stuff go in the trash?

We work hard to keep unwanted items out of our overflowing landfills. When items truly need to be discarded, Orchestrated Moves will ensure that this is done responsibly by recycling electronics, old paint, and other household HAZMATS. We will help you find homes for items you no longer need, whether donations to local charities and/or venues for potential resale.

How do i know you are legitimate?

We are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers® (NAPO®), as members we go to workshops, conferences, and monthly meetings to hone or organization skills. Additionally, we are bonded, have liability insurance, and all our workers carry worker's comp.